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Well, whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional with a specific customer portfolio or a brand in the middle of rebranding, at some point you will eventually reach a conclusion that your online presence has to grow. We have welcomed the digital era, where most of the companies and professionals in order to advance and meet their expectations have gone online. But with so much information out there, most of the time it can be hard to choose whether to present your brand through a custom website or via a website builder.

Well, let’s start with the basics. You might have heard of Wix or Weebly. There are popular website builders that require no skill set. Most website builders are based on premade solutions that they are very simple to use and can get you online fast. Bloggers, hobbyists and people who aren’t looking for something overly professional, they might choose to use a website builder. Additionally, we have to take into consideration that good websites change with the times. Website builders are easy enough for you to make changes to your design and content at any time.

Your uniqueness is your STRENGTH.

Website developers is the right choice if you need a custom-made, unique website with extra features.

Web designers have the know-how to design a really good-looking website that would be memorable to the end user. It is important for the website to have unique details that make it stand out, like animation and other UX features. If you seek excellence and a professional feeling for your website, custom-made solutions are always the best option. In this way an aesthetically perfect result is achieved while the final result is special and unique. Also, the web designer has the expertise and experience to make suggestions that will improve the brand and make the overall user experience and browsing easier, functional and more enjoyable.

Usually, the business is in need of advanced features. For example, scheduling tools to online shopping features, a website builder is unlikely to support them efficiently.

Responsiveness of your website is a key indicator. Most of the edits require development capabilities, and you may be limited by the generic functions of a website builder.

It is essential for the website to be found on search engines. The majority of website builders are terrible at SEO, so a custom option is always preferable.

Analytics is the key.

Marketing automation and system integration are prerequisites. Optimizing your analytics and marketing automations is an ongoing process and often requires regular tweaking that your design/web development partner can assist you with.

If Man Realizes Technology Is Within Reach, He Achieves It, Like It’s Damn-Near Instinctive.

Ghost in the Shell

Create something that stands out.

If you have a very limited budget because, for instance, your company is very new. Maybe you should better try to start with a good marketing plan!

In any case, if you need guidance and a good advice, please always feel free to contact us!

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